Carnival Games and more!

Let FTS provide your next party or event with a huge selection of exciting games to choose from. Perfect for any age, they’ll bring out the kid in all. We’ll deliver and set up!

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FRIENDLY FEUD– just like the TV show, usually hosted by comic Clarky2, played by members attending that specific event. Includes game, prizes free gift for host or person being honored and wacky props to dress up contestants. Best if played with 5 on each team. We usually put men against women for a great battle of the sexes! Winners receive prizes for each member as well as gag gifts for members of losing team.

Make me Laugh COMEDY GAME SHOW– hosted and played by comic Clarky2 with 1 or 2 other comics Stooges. Contestants are chosen at random from the events audience, this show is also very good for children. We may include trivia contests, hula hoop contest, joke off, pie eating, Banana contest and much more.
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The Nostalgic Classic:
Hosted and played by comic Clarky2 with 1 or 2 other comics, for a hysterical time… please call for more details. Thanks!

Name that tune: How well do you know your music?
Interactive and engaging customized experience? This wildly fun game show that challenges everyone to guess the artist or title of their favorite music. Customized song lists are prepared after consulting with you and your staff. You can choose from virtually any style music from any era. Teams are pre selected. Our standard one-hour set. Our host starts the game by having the first team spin the animated record. The record spinner is separated into play categories that allow the teams to either; Guess Alone /Shut up and get gone. All Players take turns spinning the record with a song played and guessed after each spin.

Teams earn one point for being the first to guess the artist and one point for Name that tune. The winner of the game is the first team to earn the most points. All winners and contestants will receive a prize – a digital tv box.